Extra information and practice exercises- ‘will’ vs ‘be going to’

Extra Information and Practice

The following sites provide additional explanations and examples of ‘be going to’ and ‘will’. In addition, sites are provided where you can practice what you know and have learnt.


Perfect English Grammar

Provides concise descriptions of when and how the two future forms are used, as well as providing examples and online exercises to practice.



English Grammar 4 U Online

This page provides no explanations of the future forms but offers exercises that are suitable for beginners to intermediate level students.


Wikipedia- Going to- Future

This page provides ALOT of information ‘going to.’ Because of the volume of information and the high level of English used to describe the grammar concept, I think this page is suitable for students who are at a high/strong intermediate to advanced level. There are no exercises on this page.



English Grammar Secrets- Going to or Will

This page provides brief but concise explanations and multiple examples of the concepts being discussed. This site has a lot of exercises students can choose from. Suitable for pre-intermediate to- upper intermediate level students.



YouTube- Will vs Going to, English Future Tenses

This video gives a good description of the differences and uses of going to and will. Keep in mind that while this video is good, it gives basic examples and that there are a few things the author missed out. Its a good introduction to the concept suitable for students starting at the pre-intermediate level and upwards.



Better English

This particular pages only provides exercises that are suitable for pre-intermediate and intermediate level students.



AutoEnglish- Be going to or Will Exercises

This is a 2 page pfd file that contains exercises and answers. The file cannot be completed online and must be printed. Suitable for high pre-intermediate students to upper intermediate students.



Oxford University Press- will and going to

This site is has excerises on that are suitable for pre-intermediate students.


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