Further Explanations and Practice of ‘This/That/These/Those’

Further Explanations + Practice


The following links will take you to sites where there are more explanations and examples on ‘this, that, these and those’ as well as sites where you can practice what you know and what you have learnt.


Guide to Grammar and Writing: Articles, Determiners and Quantifiers

The site includes explanations, examples and quizzes to practise what you know.



The British Council: Determiners and quantifiers

This site provides explanations and examples plus interactive exercises to practise what you have learnt.



Basic English Grammar: THIS, THAT, THESE, THOSE

This website is called engVID and it provides free English video lessons. The lessons can also be found on YouTube. This particular video explained how to use this, that, these and those. The person speaking has an American accent. This is suitable for beginners and pre-intermediate students as the explanation is very basic.



English Grammar Lesson: This that these those

This lesson is straight from YouTube. Its aimed at beginners. I find that the woman speaks quite clearly. A good place to start for a beginner student or for a slightly more advanced student who needs some quick revision.



My English Pages- Demonstratives (This, These, That, Those)

This site starts with explanations and examples. It also has a few exercises that you can follow.



English test: “this”, “that”, “those”, “these”

This site has good exercises with explanations if you get stuck. The only bad thing is that it has lots of advertisements. My suggestion is to ignore the ads and try out the exercises. 



LearnEnglish Teens-British Council- Grammar Snacks: This, that, those, these exercises

This site is not interactive. You have to watch a YouTube clip, print the page and then complete the page after watching it. Whiles it’s not interactive, the exercises are quite good.


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