Further Explanations of the 3 Moods and Practice Exercises

Extended Explanation and Practice of ‘Indicative, Imperative and Subjunctive Mood’


The following are sites which gives other explanations on the 3 moods in English, plus execerise to practise what you know or have learnt.


TalkEnglish-Mood for Grammar

This site offers a very simplistic explanation of the 3 moods. What is very good is that it provides both correct examples of the 3 moods but also give common mistakes made by students. This can be very helpful if you want to know of you are using the moods correctly. It also has 2 very short quizzes on it. This site would be suitable for beginners to intermediate level students.



Grammarist- English Moods (Imperative, Indicative and Subjunctive)

This site gives excellent explanations plus examples. For students wishing to expand their knowledge of the 3 moods of English, this site would be an excellent starting point. It would also be good for students who have never encountered the 3 moods before as it provides well rounded explanations of the concepts. There are no practice activities on this site.


Real-Learn-English- Indicative Moods, Imperative Mood and Subjunctive Mood

This site has basic explanations but plenty of examples. There are no practise exercises on this site.



English Grammar for Dummies-Using English Language Verb Moods

I love this site because it give brief but excellent explanations and examples. They are easy to understand and also ask concept checking questions to the read to check and see if the reader has understood the concepts.



Subjunctive Mood Exercises (from Pearson & Longman)

This site is created by a very reputably publishing company. Exercise on this link relate directly to the subjunctive mood only. The questions are in a multiple choice format. Once the quiz has been completed you can submit your answers for grading.  This would be great for students who have just been introduced to the subjunctive mood (intermediate and above level students) or students who are taking an exam such as TOEIC.



University of Calgary- Parts of Speech: Verbs and Moods

This site not only gives good explanations and examples but has very interactive exercises to test your knowldge. Just a note, you might need a plugin to make the program which makes the exercises, work.



McGraw-Hill- Business Communication Skills (Building Critical Skills)-Verb Mood

While this site lacks in explanations and examples of verb moods, it does have a positive, lots of multiple choice exercises. This site is definetly for high level students so my suggest would be high level intermediate students and upwards.



Learn American English Online- Subjunctive Mood

This site is great for the visual auditory learner. Its gives written examples plus has YouTube clips of a teacher explaning the concepts being discussed. In addition there are practice exerices. Great for students who like to do some extra grammar. Suitable for pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level students.



















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