More information and Practice Exercises- The Passive Voice

Extra Information and Practice

The following websites give further explanations, examples and exercises to help solidify your understand of the passive tenses.

                                    _______________________________________ Passive Voice for All Tenses Rules

This site does not explain the passive in detail but it gives a lot of examples.


Perfect English Grammar

This site gives detailed but not complicated explanation of when and how to use the passive. The site also provides examples and some exercises that are in pdf format.


English Grammar Secrets- The Passive

The site gives simple and brief explanations of when we use the passive, supported by one or two examples examples. While the content is minimal, the exercises are plenty can be done online.


The Passive (English Grammar)

This is a slideshow presentation on YouTube about the passive. It is suitable for strong pre-intermediate students to upper intermediate. The person speaking is male and has a clear British accent. -Passive Voice- Grammar Exercises

This site online provides online practice activities for both the active and passive voice with a variation in types of exercises.


My English Pages- Grammar Exercises: The Passive Voice

This link goes straight to the online exercises. Scroll to the bottom of the page and read the instructions before starting the exercises. If you are still not sure of when and how to use the passive, follow the link at the top of the page, it will direct you to explanations on the passive voice. Online English grammar quiz: The Passive voice (mixed tenses)

This site provides a quick 10 question quiz on the passive voice. This might be a good starting point for those wanting to test what they already know or for those that want to know what to work on. The site says it is suitable for students that are at an intermediate level.


English Grammar- Passive Voice Worksheets

The site provides ALOT of exercises with answers. The only down side is that you cannot complete the exercises online, you will have to print the screen or copy, paste and print. The site does however provide answers for all the exercises.

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