Quantifiers- Example Sentences

The following sentences complements the overview chart. Not all quantifiers are presented here, but most are. This should give an indication of how to use the quantifer and the noun that corresponds with it.

Quantifiers and singular nouns

e.g. I would like another glass of water.

e.g. Any book on that table will be good to use.

e.g. Each day is a day to celebrate.

e.g. Either date is good for me.

e.g. Neither date is good for me.

e.g. Some person in this class has a secrete.

e.g. I have no pen.

Quantifiers and plural nouns

e.g. There are a lot of people gathered here today.

e.g. It seems like all my friends are getting married and having babies.

e.g. Do you have any books on how to pass the IELTS exams?

e.g. Both answers are correct.

e.g. I don’t think I have enough plates for everyone.

e.g. Few people would agree with this view.

e.g. A few people might agree with this view.

e.g. There are fewer people who believe this view than what you might think.

e.g. It all happened many years ago.

e.g. Several items were missing where they opened their suitcase.

e.g.  Sometimes, at night time, you can see some kangaroos along this stretch of road.

e.g. I have no pens.


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