Super Foods for Super Students

Foods To Increase Brain Functions

Improve Brain FunctionsToday, I want to discuss the effects that learning can have on your body. In particular, I am going to focus on fatigue of the mind and body and the easy steps that you can take to prevent burn-out.

Learning a language can take a huge toll on your body, it is a mental, emotional, and physical process.  I know this because I have been through the process a few times myself. I also see the effects it has on my students. They often sit there with sunken eyes due to late night study sessions and frequently come down with headaches and colds. While some of these symptoms are natural, many can be prevented by a simple change in diet.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is not only good for general health but play a vital part in the learning process. Today I am going to suggest three Super Foods that will boost brain power function and the immune system. This will be followed up with 10 Super Vitamins and in time, a new section will be created with quick and easy healthy recipes, ideal for students and health food aficionados. After all, learning is a holistic process and we cannot and must not neglect the most vital parts of that process, the mind and body.

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