Identifying Adjectives (Common Adjective Suffixes)

There are many adjectives in English; however, it is not always easy to identify them all.

Below is a list of common suffixes that are used to make adjectives.



-able/ ible

comfortable, incredible


normal, musical, industrial


beautiful, peaceful, successful


classic, economic


political, alphabetical, economical


British, Spanish, English, childish,


creative, active, talkative, argumentative, communicative


endless, timeless, jobless, wifeless, childless


ambitious, spontaneous, famous


angry, happy, snappy, chatty


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      Thank you for using the site. I hope you have found it helpful. There are many ways to improve your English skills. Try watching English TV programs. Start with watching childrens TV. The language is always simple and clear. Also childrens books are another way that you can increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar. Best of luck to you on your English journey.

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