Spelling Rules (3)

Doubling the final consonants


Rule1: If a word has more than 1 syllable and this word ends in a consonant after a single vowel, you need to double the consonant before adding -ing or -ed.


•occur > occurring/ occurred

•begin> beginning

•commit> committing/ committed

•prefer> preferring/ preferred

•control> controlling/ controlled


Rule 2: words of more than 1syllable only have their consonants doubled when the second syllable is stressed.


•o/pen [you can’t double the ‘n’ because the second syllable is not the primary stressed part]


•offer> offering/ offered


Rule 3: If the vowel in front is unstressed, or spelling with two vowels, do not double the consonant.


•enter > entered/ entering

•visit> visiting/ visited

•develop> developing/ developed

•shout> shouting/ shouted

•appeal> appealing/appealed


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