‘it’ vs ‘that’

‘it’ vs ‘that’

What is the difference?

Every wondered what the difference is between using ‘it’ and ‘that’? Well you have come to the right place. Check out the explanation below. This is one way in which to understand the difference between the two concepts.


We use ‘that’ when referring to an action or thing that has taken place at the exact time of speaking (immediate present).

Example A)

Speaker 1: “What do you think, shall we go out for dinner tonight?”

Speaker 2: ” Thats sounds like a good idea.”

Example B)

Scenario: Two people are walking past each other on the street but by accident bump into each other.

Speaker 1: “Sorry!”

Speaker 2: ” That’s o.k.”

(The key point to take away is that we use ‘that’ to refer to something that has been said immediately aftersomeone has said it)


We use ‘it’ to refer to something that is about to be introduced.


Scenario: Some memebers of a company are having a meeting.

Speaker 1: “What did you think of the proposal made last week.”

Speaker 2: “Its a great idea.”




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