Using English For Academic Purposes (UEFAP)- The best world list and exercise site around

Hey there! I know I have posted a few links to a few different sites which host Academic World Lists (AWL) but here is one more. I was shown this site today by a colleague of mine and I found it to be an amazing source which students can draw from.

The site is called ‘Using English for Academic Purposes’ or UEFAP for short.

Some of its key features include:

  1. World lists related to specific academic fields. e.g. vocabulary for law, vocabulary for science, education, English etc
  2. Tips on how to self study
  3. Words lists with related Word Families and links to Cambridge University Online Dictionary
  4. A variety of exercises which test vocabulary through different skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking)

There are many more feautures on this site which can be a great tool for students. I currently teacher IELTS and EAP courses and my students find this site very useful, so check it out!


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